Please note that from January 2020 Jazz at Boaters gigs will only be once a month rather than every week. These gigs will happen on the last Sunday of the month. After 29 years it is sad to lose the gig on a weekly basis, but at least we have one Sunday a month to look forward to. Sadly, this decision was made from a money making point of view, so we have to make every effort to ensure that the monthly gig is as successful as possible.

Mailing List

Each month, details of the upcoming gigs are sent out via email to a growing list of subscribers. If you wish to join the list please enter your email address below and press the "Subscribe" button.

Please note that this is a low volume list with approximately one email each month, and rest assured that your email address will never be passed on or shared in any way. For information the mailing list is based at the Google Groups website.

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